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Mapuche territorial identities of Araucania

The region of the Araucanía is defined by four great territorial identities with main differences in the natural and geographical aspect of the territory that Mapuche people inhabit. Each one has its characteristic and particular activities: in the mountain zone we find Pewenche, people of the piñon; in the zones of the pre-mountain and half valley to Wenteche, people of the llanos or “Arribanos”; in the north zone between the Andes mountain range and Nahuelbuta the Nagche, people from below or “Abajinos”; in the coastal zone and bordemar, Lafkenche, people of the coast or the sea.



The coastal Mapuche (Lafkenche) and the sea have coexisted in harmony. The resources offered by the great ocean are well used, but with a sustainable look.


Another area defined as a particular territoriality is the Nagche Territory, located in sectors of the Nahuelbuta mountain range and the low zones bordering it.


We have the area where the Wenteche live, the land of the valleys and the great rivers of the Mapuche territory. It has always offered great conditions for agricultural development.


It is undeniable that the Pewenche territory is marked by a natural border that is the mountain range, the winter climate that is always longer than in other places, and the presence of the Pewen.

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