It is undeniable that the Pewenche territory is marked by a natural border that is the mountain range, the winter climate that is always longer than in other places, and the presence of the Pewen (Araucaria Araucana) which is a native, millennial and generous tree.

These days many families and communnities try to show to the visitors the places that their ancestors go over it like in Melipeuko the Conguillio National Park and Lake, in Lonkimay places like Icalma and Quinquen as well as Llaima and Lonkimay volcanos.

These places not only stand out due to their natural beauty characterized by unique species of flora and fauna, but also for the mapuche pewenche culture and the daily life of the communities who offer to the visitor their local stories that have persisted, providing wisdom and showing an unique lifestyle.

Also, the visitor can find in this territory a various of services such as food, accommodation, horseback riding, hiking, flora and fauna observation, all of it being respectful  with the earth mother.

Therefore, we can consider the Pewenche territory an ethnographic tourist destination where visitors and tourists can live new experiences of life in an unknown culture that for hundreds of years has had an endogenous development, but now it’s open to the world.

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