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Quinquen Community – Lonquimay Commune

Program Details

It consists of a reception in a Pewenche Ruka where visitors can share with a pewenche family a cooked pinion “mate” (just in pinion season) and a “tortilla” cooked on coals, which are associated to the local history.

A horseback riding through Quinquen Community towards the Galletué Lake viewpoint. Also, the journey lays across millenary forests full of pewen araucaria trees. The duration of the journey is about 3-4 hours and it includes local guides.

Short stretch of low difficulty, 2-3 hours of walking through thousand-year-old araucaria forests, with intercultural interpretation by local guides, as well as pine picking when it is season.

2 hours tour, with guided interpretation.

A tour in the community and panoramic view of Lake Galletue – Weyilltuwe; Approximate time, 2-3 hours, accompanied by local guides.

Long stretch of medium and high difficulty (6 hours approximately), walk through ancient forests of araucaria, viewpoints of volcanoes and sighting of “manke” (condor) with intercultural interpretation by local guides; In addition, it includes two “tortillas” and one juice for lunch.

Lunch for a minimum group of 5 people which takes place in a Pewenche ruka.This service includes roast goat or lamb, cooked potatoes, salad, “pebre”, “tortillas” or “sopaipillas”, dessert, drink and wine. This activity is done in summer when there are goats, lambs and piglets.

Approximately 60 km stretch that includes Ruka Matetun service and lunch. Does not include bike.

Food service with alternative lunch, picnic or pewenche dinner; breakfast food service; accommodation in cabins and Pewenche family houses; accommodation in the city of Lonquimay.



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