We Küyen



Program Details

Trekking on the Kapurra Kurra Trail: 3 hours of excursion, cultural and environmental interpretation.

Rural Breakfast: Milk, tea, coffee, bread dough, embers “tortilla” or “sopaipilla”, butter, homemade jam.

Lunch: mashed pine nuts with sautéed morchella, salad, natural juice, bread and “pebre”.

Matetún: It consists of sharing local history accompanied by “mate”, “piñon sopaipillas”, homemade jam and “pebre”

Trekking of greater difficulty and horseback riding are scheduled, with 10 days of

anticipation, with the payment of 50% of the activity at the time of schedule the visit.

In addition, Mapuche Pewenche cocktails are made at the request of public and private institutions.


Lorenzo Meliñir
+56 9 8726 6316

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