Wenteche Route


Nueva Imperial

Come to discover and live the Mapuche culture in one of the most historical territories in Chile. Go deep into an unique world where you learn to share with us

Program Details

Option 1

The Guest’s reception will be in Ruka We Kimun, located in the El Peral lof where the hosts welcome you with a delicious and typical rural mapuche gastronomy;  enjoy stories in the Ruka beside the fire.

Option 2

The guest’s reception will be in Newen Ruka, located in Hualacura Lof, with a gastronomy based on the fusion of two cultures and served in the ruka. The accommodation will be in the Hualacura lof.

Option 1

Visit the Trayenko, where a lof Kankura family harves wild herbs and makes medicinal products with them. On a walk along a path, the hosts show to the witran (visitor) how to recognize the different herbs and their medicinal characteristics, which have been used anciently by the Mapuche people.

Option 2

In the same Kancura lof, the visitors can meet Kancura Craftworks: production, exhibition and selling of exclusive clothing such as sheep-woolen knitting made with ancestral techniques of a mapuche lagmien, which involve the recovery of ancestral process of our culture.

  • Huilipan-González Cabin Hostal
  • Inaleufu